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November 19, 1992 - April 21, 2007
A ----->----@ (rose without thorns) for our beloved DusDee!!!
May she rest in peace...
Till we meet again.

It is with much sadness I send this email to you today.

Today at 10:45 am our little DusDee, the Miracle Girl, passed over to the Bridge. She went peacefully in my arms. Our vet came to the home and assisted. Our daughter, Amie, her children Bre and Braydon , a friend of Bre's and a dear friend of mine, Becky, was with us as she passed. Those of you that would like to read her story may find it on my web site.

DusDee had been in failing health for the last few months. With her diabetes, arthritis, cataracts and age of 14 1/2 years her life had deteriorated rapidly. But we remember she was never thought to last 5 years after being rescues and diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 6 months. Guess she showed us. Thank you, DusDee, for proving everyone wrong. She was a fighter until-- Last night when she went down and could hardly walk and I tried to pick her up she would cry and look at me with eyes pleading to go home and be young and healthy again. She was so tired.. I held her for 2 hours and told her just what she meant to our family and that we never regretted a day of her life with us. Her diabetes was a trial and she took all the needle sticks like a trouper that she was. She cuddled next to me all night just like she did when I rescued her 14 years ago.
I knew it was time..

We knew this day would come. I knew this am that it was today. I thank my daughter, Amie for taking care of all the details as I would have put it off and it would have been harder and harder. Not that it was not hard today but I know DusDee wanted to be free of that wretched old body and this was the day God has given her. She gave us her all and it was time for me to give her my all. We never looked back or regretted saving her life those many years ago. She was a darling little Bichon and gave us many happy memories. I am at peace with giving her back today what I could-her freedom from pain and suffering. Although, there is great sadness and emptiness in my heart. There are so many cute things, even in pain as she was, she still did to made us laugh.

Now she is well and running and having fun with her name sake DanDee at the Rainbow Bridge. DanDee was one of our original prayer kids for the Rainbow Bridge ceremony and now I too, have gone full circle as many of the Rainbow people have.

Thank you our Darling Miracle Girl-DUSDEE, for sharing your life with us and giving us all your love.
May all the kids that have passed before you be greeting you at the Bridge today.

DusDee, our darling miracle baby, you will always be LOVED AND MISSED...



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