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CH A Maiden Efforts Hupsa Dee See of D'Va (DaiSee)




This little girl comes from Anja van Haarlem, A Maiden Effort Kennels of Netherlands Europe, and I call her DaiSee. I will begin showing her in 2004 so be on the lookout for her! Please click here to visit Anja's website.


CERF #HV-3056 / July 2007 - 47
Baer Test: Normal #HAV-BR897/19F-PI
Hips: Good #HAV-673G26F-PI
Elbow: Normal #HAV-EL258F26-PI
Patella: Normal #HAV-PA827/26F/P-PI



Contact D'Va Toys at dee@dvatoys.com

Dee Anna R. Hinkle
2910 W. 5th Street
Grand Island, NE 68803-4158
Phone (308) 383-5043