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Amer. Can. CH D'Va's Prince in White Armor (EdDee)



EdDee is one of the pups from my first litter of Havanese that I bred. He was just too cute for me to let go! EdDee is my velcro dog. He follows me everywhere and has to be near me at all times (which is fine by me). EdDee is the true little Havanese clown but also loves to snuggle and cuddle. EdDee became an American champion in January of 2004 at the Dallas-Fort Worth Toy Dog Club Specialty in Dallas, Texas.

EdDee received an Award of Merit at the 2006 Havanese Nationals!! Go EdDee!!!!!!!!!


CERF #HV-2040 / June 2007 - 57
Baer Test: Normal #HAV-BR884/29M-PI
Hips: Fair #HAV-391F25M-PI
Elbow: Normal #HAV-EL123M25-PI
Cardiac: Normal #HAV-CA24/16M/C-PI
Patella: Normal #HAV-PA728/34M/P-PI



Contact D'Va Toys at dee@dvatoys.com

Dee Anna R. Hinkle
2910 W. 5th Street
Grand Island, NE 68803-4158
Phone (308) 383-5043