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DusDee is not a Chinese Crested BUT she is a D'VA like her younger sisters. DusDee is a Bichon Frise that I rescued in 1991. She was near death at the time we brought her home. She is our lil MIRACLE and we love her dearly! Today she is a lively girl and loves to play with all the Cresteds and Havanese.


Not a show girl but she is a CHAMPION in our eyes.
Click here to read DusDee's rescue story.


Sadly, DusDee went to the rainbow bridge on April 21, 2007.
Click here to read her tribute.


AdDee is a peke rescue that came here in 1991 years ago and never left. She gets her name from her additude!!!

What a pretty girl!


It all began with a Beanie Baby and a Beautiful Chinese Crested named "TootSee"!!

Our first Chinese Crested was gotten by trading a Spot the Beanie Baby for a beautiful pet named -TOOTSIE!

She was a wonderful addition to our home and took our hearts and wrapped them around her little paws.

Tootsie met a horrible death by a vet doing a bad spay.

This was very devastating to our whole family. I was determined to have another Crested.

Please read about the Rainbow Bridge.





Contact D'Va Toys at dee@dvatoys.com

Dee Anna R. Hinkle
2910 W. 5th Street
Grand Island, NE 68803-4158
Phone (308) 383-5043